Some say I'm a piece of work. I'd like to say I'm a piece of art.

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She was dangerous,
an accident waiting to happen.
And I was the one who took the fall.
To this very day
I still find shards of her
embedded in my skin.

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Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.

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If you’re feeling small today I dare you to sit up straighter, look someone who scares you directly in the eye, take up room at the dinner table, make yourself bigger, when ‘sorry’ laps at the back of your tongue, tries to pick up after you, remind yourself that your existence doesn’t demand an apology, that you are allowed to make mess and take up space, do not be afraid to expand. Every single goddamn minute. Expand, expand, expand

Femme Fatale (x)

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selfproducer: ordinary day

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There is a time and place for decaf coffee. Never and in the trash.

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